Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sisra's Hill Country Wedding

This April my sister had a BEAUTIFUL wedding to her sweet man in the Texas Hill Country.

She is by trade a professional photographer, photographing her fair share of weddings. She has been at ground zero when Bridezillas have been on the prowl. She didn't want to be like that so she set out to have as much of a stress free, fun, romantic destination wedding as possible. And she succeeded.

It was a lovely "off-the-grid" weekend for about 50 of their family and close friends.

They chose Trois Estates which is right outside of Fredericksburg. Gorgeous!

Today is the first time I've had time to do anything with the pics so I thought I'd share some with you.

Me lacing up her dress.

Just about ready!

Her bouquet with our Ge's (Grandmother) broach and earring attached.

The Newly-Weds

The Sisras

The wedding party - Husband (who got ordained so he could officiate) Me, Sis, New Brother, New Sis and New Niece.

Their Cake


Tomorrow I'll post some of the Rehearsal Dinner with Guy Forsyth.

Must go because Den has dragged not one, not two, but THREE boxes in from garage. He's worse than a kid on Christmas eve.


Pat said...

What a gorgeous wedding! Congratulations to all!

Mélanie said...

Congratulations to all !!!
what a wonderful wedding ! Your sister looks gorgeous

Lauren said...

you and your sister look beautiful and Congrats!!!!!

Mel said...

Thanks to all! It was a very wonderful day.

iloveupstate.com said...

Love that bouquet - it's so different, yet classic, yet...well rockin'.

Your hubby is a theatre Phd? Oh good Lord. May I ship my Fiance off to him? I even have a secret name for when he goes on theatre rants...Gordo. I am easily amused - he...not so much. He constantly drags me out of shows when they aren't "up to snuff" and I'm often left wondering how they end.

Alyssa said...

Mamason!! What a gorgeous wedding! And I love the style! Very fitting!! I'm glad everything went so smoothly. Did Dr. M enjoy his first wedding??? :)

Mel said...

Upstate - when next we grace Manhattan, Gordo and Dr. D can "critique" together whilst we dine on queso that I've had airlifted from Joe T's.

alyssa - yes, he LOVED it. He's already booked two more weddings next year. :)