Monday, August 4, 2008

I heart Tex-Mex and Old New York - call me eclectic!

Good Monday Morning!

Last week was a busy one with lots of fodder for blogging. I think I’ll start with culinary.

Tex-Mex is my favorite cuisine of all time. Must not go without it – which sometimes proves problematic on vacations. NYC used to be an issue, but thankfully we’ve found a couple of places now. Still, most times after a get-away, our feet hit the tarmac and we drive straight to where the fajitas live. Dennis is just as bad as I am. He is often want to say that “there is too much blood in my queso system!

My dear friend from high school is in town with her kiddos for a bit of r & r. Well, as much r & r as you can get in 106° weather. Her family has a big tradition with a local Tex-Mex mecca by the name of Joe T. Garcia’s. This place is legendary, having been est. in 1935 with only 16 tables.

The original restaurant -it leans a little :)

Because of its popularity, it was gradually expanded and now can seat over 1000! She introduced me to Joe T.’s a couple of decades ago. Her mother was a TCU alum and had been frequenting the place long before that. We had a great meal and took a quick (and I mean quick – it was already freaking HOT) stroll around the patio and garden areas. I was simply amazed that people were actually sitting outside to eat – unbelievable. How many beers or margaritas must one have to make that decision??

One of the patio areas

Beautiful landscaping!

If you are ever in the Fort Worth area, you MUST make the pilgrimage to Joe T.’s

Now for MITTM.

Update from last week. We have managed to purge about 10 boxes from the garage. Found some things we’d thought were lost and took a bunch to Goodwill, some towels and sheets to the Vet and a small amount was delegated to appropriate rooms around the house. It looks like a small nuclear device has gone off in our library. So this week (really today and tomorrow) is all about finding a space for the things I’ve kept.

BUT I got something AWESOME on ebay.

A lot of 12 gorgeous antique Broadway programs. Those are just 3 of my favorites! They are all from the teen’s and are filled with amazing advertisements (i.e. "Don't let your corset vex you!"), show details and just plain good stuff. They are in beautiful condition. Let’s see – did I mention that I’m married to a Ph.d in Theatre History and that we have all kinds of this stuff around our house?

These are getting scanned and framed and hung in our formal living room where I’m trying desperately to evoke the feel of the Algonquin Hotel Lobby/Sardi’s/Tavern on the Green. Maybe also a little bit of The Brown Derby. All vintage style of course. We love all of those places and if I had a "way-back" machine, you'd find me making the rounds of each in their "hey days." I'm sad that the Derby is disneyfied, but better that than gone forever.

So that’s my project – scan, print, frame, hang – and take pictures all along the way.

Jeez - now I'm jonesin' for a Cobb Salad.


Pat said...

I'd love to know your NYC Tex-Mex resource!
Gorgeous antique Broadway programs -- what a find!

Mel said...

Hey Pat -

We found Blockheads - - which although it a healthier version of Tex-Mex (they say it is San Fran style Mexican - who knew?) still has a good zing to it. We went to the midtown east location. 2nd between 50th and 51st. Then another friend read the blog and suggested Maz Mezcal on the UES - it looks excellent. Will definitely have to try it out next time. said...


We have friends in Dallas...and well...OH MY GOD...after they took me there...I made them all go there AGAIN the next night for dinner.

The closest thing I've found in NYC is a place on Northern Blvd and Steinway (Astoria/Woodside) called Tequila something-or-other.

Alyssa said...

2 things..
1st.. it takes 2 Joe T Margarita's to make that decision... cuz those babies are STRONG!
I can not remember what I was going to say.. I could just use the backspace button... but that's no fun. Seems it wasn't very important. Oh.. I got one... I LOVE YOU. :) That's ALWAYS important!

Alyssa said...

Thanks Lady! I never get tired of hearing that. And ya know.. I owe a big part of it to your guidance and faith in me. I hope to inspire my students as you inspired me. I'll let ya know how that goes!!! :)

I got the keys to my classroom today... kinda savored the moment as I open the door with the keys for the first time.

ubber cool! YAY!