Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday kinda love...

Why, you may ask, did I get up at 6:30 am on a summer Sunday?

Well, we’ve been early risers because Den has been teaching summer school and for the last 4 days I’ve been commuting to Denton for an Institute at UNT.

So reason number one is habit. In reality, 6:30 is sleeping in for an extra hour and a half, so we felt a tad luxurious this morning.

Reason number two is the New York Times crossword puzzle. Dennis has always been a fan, but I’ve never been very successful with them, so my competitive nature made me want to throw them in the trash about 5 minutes after I started them. If YOU are a word nut, this is movie you really should see - Wordplay.

Den suggested several months ago that we do one together. I didn’t contribute much, but I actually enjoyed it, so now it is part of our Sunday routine. I’m learning, not only new words, but the art of doing a crossword – yes, there really is an art. The best part is that you can subscribe online (to just the puzzles) and just print them out. Answer keys are provided the next day.

The third reason is that we sat out on our patio, coffee and tea in hand, and listened to our neighborhood wake up. It was cool (the only part of the day I’ll be able to say that about) and quiet (ditto) and…lovely.

Talk about a “stay – cation.”

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Talk Nerdy to Me

All the women in my family have been lucky enough to marry REALLY smart men. Smart in different ways, but let me tell you – these guys have got brains.

That’s what is really sexy to me – smarts, humor, talent.

So you might guess that one of my most favorite newer sitcoms is CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory”

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this website devoted to the nerdy T-shirts and other geek wear from the show.

Made my day.

Now, to go find my old Aqua Man shirt…

Monday, June 16, 2008


So the Antoinette Perry Awards were last night – better known as the Tony’s.

Den and I had talked last week about them – that they were later this year, that we didn’t know much about what was nominated, etc. About 8 o’clock we were channel surfing and got in on them just before a number from South Pacific – “geez” I thought “that old warhorse.”

Ummm…when did Paulo Szot get to this country and why wasn’t I notified. Have you heard this Brazilian baritone? Have you seen him? He’s won every award you can win this season on Broadway for his portrayal of Emil De Becque.

Well, I was hooked for the rest of the show –

I loved that Deanna Dunagan won Best Actress [Play] - an older, Texan girl; that Patti Lupone won for Best Actress [Musical] since she hadn’t gotten a Tony since EVITA; that Liza Minnelli…(side note – spell check just told me that I needed to correct Minnelli – OK – that’s amazing that THAT is included in the dictionary) presented and was of this earth. I enjoyed that Mel Brook’s latest project didn’t win anything (I know that is ungracious, but I was in the building when he won all those for The Producers, and he was a real jack ass)

I’d heard the hype about “In the Heights” but hadn’t really done any homework on it, so the number on the telecast was the first I’d seen. I’m not a huge fan of rap – simply because most of the artists I’ve heard use lyrics that are base and violent and…well, you get the picture. So imagine my surprise when Lin - Manuel Miranda rapped his entire acceptance speech complete with references to lyrics from Sondheim, and during the number rhymed braggadocio with Pinocchio. Den and I are both working on research projects that deal with actors in NYC during the huge influx of immigrants in the middle 1800’s. Everything I’d been reading was right there on that stage, only the faces have changed. I think it is about time that we have an incredible piece of theatre that examines the current immigrants or first generation Americans that are living there now.

So now I have some new soundtracks to purchase and new (and old standards) to sing in the convertible again. Gotta get on Drama Book’s website and order some new plays. This year the Tony’s made me feel good about the present state of the American Theatre. It also made me hungry for a grilled cheese from the The Red Flame Deli next to the Algonquin! And a piece of Key Lime Pie from the Greek deli - what is the name of that place...

Yo! I’m walkin’ here….

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fun Father's Day Cards

Happy Fathers Day –

June is always a busy month for us – lots of family and friend’s birthdays and of course, Father's Day. I’m a confessed scrapbook addict – more precisely, a paper addict. I really need a 12 step program for it. I don’t often, however use my stash to make cards. My sister makes gorgeous ones.

So I decided yesterday to see what I might find to be creative. After roaming the net for a bit I saw some examples of an origami shirt. I finally ended up using these directions (with an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper) - they were just a bit more visually oriented.

And after a couple of tries ended up with these...

They are the perfect size for gift cards and I thought they turned out great!

I love having some extra time in the summer to play :)

Onward and upward...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's just time

Yesterday friends that we haven't seen in several months asked "what's new" and both Den and I replied - "not much, just same old, same old."

But you know what - our lives are far from predictable, we've just gotten used to the ebb and flow of it.

So - I thought - why don't I write a blog just so I have a record over the summer of what I (or we) really do (and think). Sort of an information experiment.

I don't have any clue as to how this will evolve - or what strange and bizarre subjects will appear. Or, for that matter, who, besides me, will read this. But no worries - a summer lark that could lead to interesting things.

Just a bit about me, if one so desires to know...

I am an educator/actor/director/production coordinator. Or maybe I just have a short attention span. I am married to an educator/director/actor who has had my attention for over 17 years now. Because of events in my life or the lives of my friends I am an advocate for organ donation, spinal cord injury research, American Heart Association Stroke Connection and The Human Rights Campaign. I am quite the sucker for a good romantic comedy and love anything Julie Andrews and/or Disney (so sue me!). My general daily consensus is that Life is good!

So, "its just time" to write some blogs.