Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Project Time

I’m now totally addicted to the blogsphere and mostly to those blogs that are written by incredible creative people – you’ll see some of my favorites linked at the right. Interestingly enough, I have lately been inspired to get some creative projects done around our house and these have been just the thing to get me going.

This made me giggle Monkey in the Middle Mondays . I like the thought of getting “monkeys off your back.”

So, the first “MITMM” I’ll share with you– (and yes, I know it's Tuesday)...

A dear friend and former student of ours is off to grad school in a couple of weeks and is excitedly getting things together to create her room in the house she is sharing. Last night she brought over one of those old 1980’ ergo kneeling chairs. I think she paid about 3$ for it.

Of course, I didn’t take a pic before we started, but I found this on ebay. This is exactly what we had when we started:

This is what we have now:

Her colors of choice are a robin’s egg blue, chocolate brown and white. Very “in”, right? I’d been thinking about what I might have around the house to contribute and it dawned on me that somewhere I had a box with some white faux fur that I’d bought long ago to make a Wilma Flintstone costume. Well, she liked the idea – so we sat in front of the TV, watched the original “Producers” and pulled staples out of those horrible cushions. The foam actually had places where it had just turned to dust.

We took a break for dinner and a little retail therapy, complete with Dennis in tow. Quick stop at JoAnn’s for spray adhesive and fabric for a project of mine (more on that later in the week), Staples (one can never have enough office supplies, especially when they have the 5 cent sale going), dinner at Kincaid’s (the BEST hamburgers in town) and finally to the cigar shop. Clarissa is studying to be a dramaturg and her first assignment at OU is working with a play in which cigars play a very important role, (Anna in the Tropics). She and Den had a great time chatting with the owner in the humidor. How’s that for something different to do on a summer evening? One last stop at Borders – bookstores are a weakness for each of us and then home. We plan to finish the chair Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted.


Steph said...

Hello and thanks so much for visiting my blog and participating in MITM (I'm glad I gave you a giggle)!
Can't wait to see the finished project- very "in" colors, indeed (and I love them!). Would you mind if I added you to my links list? I know allot folks who would also love to see the transformation.

Either way, thanks for participating. I really enjoyed my visit.

Teri said...

I still have one of those kneeling chairs and I think it could use some updating! Thanks for the project post.

And I love the new layout.