Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Format

OK - I really want to be a blogger, but life gets in my way ALOT. Recently took this great online digital course called "Everyone Can Write A Little" which combined social media, scrapbooking and photoshop - simply amazing - taught me loads of things, but most importantly, that you don't have to write "War and Peace" to get your point across.

So, I'm going to try this. Each day has a different theme based on my interests. I'll post something - not too involved - pertaining to that topic and then, as I try to do in my classroom, be a facilitator and welcome all discussions, opinions and tangents. I do much better with dialogue :) And p.s. I'd love to have guest bloggers. If you see something that interest you - write it up and send it to me. I would love the day off!

Here is the lineup;

Monday - Something about Books. A passion of mine and many of my friends. I read most everything, but definitely have my favs and obsessions. The Summer course that I'm teaching is Oral Interp of Children's Literature, so I may center around that for a bit. Currently reading The Shadow Thieves

Tues - Culture/travel. Lots of opportunity here. Live in a very diverse place with lots going on, enjoy traveling and have friends who are always going on wonderful adventures. Look for lots of pics from here.

Wed - Theatre/ Film. Between hubby and I we have five sheepskins on the wall related to this. Surely can come up with something interesting and pithy to say or at least direct you to some wonderful productions and indie films from our friends and colleagues. Next on my list to see - The Proposal

Thurs - Shopping. Six words - I Don't Buy at Retail Prices. For example, this week I saved 48% on my grocery bill - I'm just sayin'. I'll let you in on my methods and secret bargain places, both local and online. A favorite haunt.

Fri - As they used to say on the Mickey Mouse Club "it's Anything Can Happen Day!" This is my catch all for anything that doesn't fit in the other pigeon holes. Who knows what may show up here. Somezing like zis, maybe?

Sat - Crafts and Home Ec. This is where I get to let out my inner Martha. Look for paper crafting, baking, interior design, antiques, etc. Please note that sometimes I have an odd sense of humor and taste!

Sun - Science. This is where I get to fly my Nerd flag. I love science! Always have (who knew creative types could actually USE that other side of the brain). There might occasionally be a tad be of Science Fiction thrown in here, just for good measure.

That is my plan. Hopefully, I've archived enough ideas in the past couple of weeks to keep me on top of things and actually keep on track.

So, without further ado...

Science Sundays

Here is something for all you eccentric ecologist and oceanographers.

Captain Clapton, the alter ego of university buddy Andrew Wheeler, keeps a rockin’ Facebook page dedicated to news, blogs, politics and any other flotsam and jetsam related to our oceans. Educational and entertaining. Friend know you wanna.

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