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MGM - The Day of the Ugly Pictures - '04 Disney Vacation

Chapter 7 - MGM Subzero Adventure


Ahhhhh, MGM Studios day. (There has been a name change since - it is now Disney Studios - MGM threatened a lawsuit - who knew?)

The park that I have most looked forward to visiting. The park that has all the attractions that I think Dr. D will enjoy. The park that is old Hollywood and can “make me a STAR…” (Perhaps I have seen 42nd Street one to many times.)

Well, I don’t want to go.

I want to take 2 doses of Robitussin, pull the covers over my head and be warm, quiet and still for 24 hours.

Dr. D reminds me we are on vacation. I HAVE to get up, get dressed, get on the bus, go to the park, walk around all day (and night) and have FUN!!! He punctuates this by walking out the door to go get breakfast. He also holds the door open for 3.2 seconds longer than he has to for effect.

An arctic wind blasts through the room.

This is what I’m feeling on the mood barometer.

I’m going to need an attitude adjustment. I add my Evil Queen ball cap to my wardrobe for the day. It is probably best for anyone who encounters me to have a visual warning.

It is cold (upper 30’s), but at least the sun is shining.

We pass through the front gates and it really is beautiful. I just have to stand and look for a minute. I have an affinity for Art Deco anything. We’ve been lucky enough to stay at the Waldorf Astoria and attend galas at Radio City Music Hall. Both are palaces devoted to Art Deco. Both are lovingly restored.

Both made me cry. (I’m a little overly dramatic and a little overly emotional, even on my best days…)

My best friend and I at Radio City

Dr. D puts his arm around me. I can tell he’s watching for a reaction – he knows I’m exhausted, sick and on drugs. And now there’s all this ART DECO!!

I want to live here! I’m too busy planning my move into a space above one of the shops to cry.

We stroll down the street. Well, at least we try to stroll down the street. Deanster has noticed my weakness and she has usurped all my tour guide power. She has a PLAN, but we need to HURRY! (Not a word in my vocabulary today!)

As we are walking through the large courtyard in front of Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat, I notice something on the ground in front of me. This is a very unusual site – there is NEVER anything on the ground that isn’t supposed to be there. Dr. D has often threatened to throw trash in the street just to time how fast it is disposed of by park personnel.

I have quietly discouraged this.

Upon closer inspection we discover it is a wallet. I look around for the candid camera. This can't be right. There isn’t anyone around me and no one seems to be concerned or looking for anything. I pick it up and Deanster joins me. (She has come to the back of our family convoy to see what the hold up is all about.) We open it up and can tell by the ID that it belongs to an international visitor. We check out his picture to see if he is standing around us somewhere. No such luck.

That would suck. You’re in a foreign country and you lose your wallet.

I’d have to be sedated.

I tell the family to hang here a bit and I’ll take it to lost and found. Someone directs me to Guest Services and I turn it in. Hopefully the guy was reunited with it with quickly. Isn’t it great how doing a little kindness for someone else can make you feel good. And I certainly needed all the “feel good” I could get.

As I was getting to where all the family was sitting, the characters made an appearance. I still hadn’t seen my childhood, absolute favorite.


I was feeling MUCH better. A hug from Tigger is the best medicine of all.

We admired Gromann’s Chinese Theatre and rode “The Great Movie Ride.”We loved the attention to detail here. Mini Maureen and I have always been old movie hounds. Watched many, many together growing up. Dr. D did a lot of his Master’s work in Film.

This is our kinda place.

Beloved Mary

The Duke

We all really enjoyed “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.” (This attraction is gone now - makes us very sad) Got seated just before it started and once we figured out how everything worked, I made it to Number 2 and Dr. D made it to Number 8 on the top 10 board. (uh…I’m a little competitive, too!)

We visit “Walt Disney; One Man’s Dream.” Again, my family gets into the whole educational aspect of Disney. We are museum goers and this attraction really appealed to us. Thought the film was great, too.

Deanster has a pilgrimage to make at this park, too. Remember, she is a bit of an Ariel fan. (Well, really she is a Prince Eric fan, but figures if Eric has an available brother, the best way to get to meet him is through Ariel.) We see “Voyage of the Little Mermaid” which is good for all the bells and whistles effects, but really geared for the toddler set.

Lunch time is spent at the ABC Commissary. This certainly wasn’t my favorite, but I was thankful to be inside and warm. I was getting cranky again.

Dr. D passes me the Robitussin.

He says he figures if I’m sleepy, I’ll be more pleasant.

I tell him to recall the behavior we’ve noticed of children who need a nap.

He puts away the Robitussin and hands me a cough drop instead.

I decide that a little “alone time” would be beneficial for all involved so I send everyone else to Beauty and the Beast.

What I need is a little distraction. What I need is to go SHOPPING!!!! I’ve read that the shops will send your purchases back to your resort for you. What a convenience! (And what a partner in crime, Dr. D won’t see all the bags of stuff I purchase!) I was on a mission. I put on my best Blues’ Brother’s sun glasses and set off. I pick up some little gifts for friends and HAD THEM ALL SENT TO CORONADO SPRINGS.

Let’s see, do I choose a little apartment on Sunset or Hollywood Blvd?

I run by The Hollywood Brown Derby. Dr. D and I are scheduled to have lunch with an Imagineer on Friday and Dr. D is trying very hard to eat healthier. Because it is a special event, the menu we are served is different from their regular fare and I wanted to get an idea of what was on it. The Maitre d’ summons a chef (WOW) and she and I have a great conversation about the menu and all his options.

If I call the movers right now, my furniture could be here by Monday…

Crankies abated, I rendezvous with the family at The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.

Note to self – new MGM apartment must have unobstructed panorama of this sign. Look for listing on amenities noted as “hunkyview”.

I think it is one of my favorite live attractions. Now, to be fair, I have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark about a bazillion times, can debate the dark aspects of Temple of Doom with the best of them and have very strong opinions about Mr. Ford’s leading ladies in all three movies. (Now four!) I thought the whole concept here was just great. Audience participants, incredible sets, good actors, SFX’s. Just fun.

By now it’s getting late in the day. The sun is starting to go down, along with the temperature. Deanster has sustained us for a bit with hot chocolate, but baby, it’s cold outside.

Deanster doing her JAWA impersonation

We have a quick family conference – Big Cal and Mini Maureen decide to call it a day. The rest of us think we can last another 2 hours or so and visit the Osborn Family Lights and Fantasmic.

We wave bye-bye to the parents and gird our loins, which translated means, I pull out the polar fleece toboggan and lose any chance that I might look cute in any further pictures.


Chapter 7.1 - The Subzero MGM Adventure Continues.


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