Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday kinda love...

Why, you may ask, did I get up at 6:30 am on a summer Sunday?

Well, we’ve been early risers because Den has been teaching summer school and for the last 4 days I’ve been commuting to Denton for an Institute at UNT.

So reason number one is habit. In reality, 6:30 is sleeping in for an extra hour and a half, so we felt a tad luxurious this morning.

Reason number two is the New York Times crossword puzzle. Dennis has always been a fan, but I’ve never been very successful with them, so my competitive nature made me want to throw them in the trash about 5 minutes after I started them. If YOU are a word nut, this is movie you really should see - Wordplay.

Den suggested several months ago that we do one together. I didn’t contribute much, but I actually enjoyed it, so now it is part of our Sunday routine. I’m learning, not only new words, but the art of doing a crossword – yes, there really is an art. The best part is that you can subscribe online (to just the puzzles) and just print them out. Answer keys are provided the next day.

The third reason is that we sat out on our patio, coffee and tea in hand, and listened to our neighborhood wake up. It was cool (the only part of the day I’ll be able to say that about) and quiet (ditto) and…lovely.

Talk about a “stay – cation.”

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Jen r. said...

That's funny. My husband and I pass the Sunday crossword puzzle back and forth all week. The first couple of passes are easy, then by Sunday night it get a little more difficult and by Tuesday we are cracking out the Thesaurus and Dictionary..Our rule is NO GOOGLING...that would be too easy. ;) Jen R