Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's just time

Yesterday friends that we haven't seen in several months asked "what's new" and both Den and I replied - "not much, just same old, same old."

But you know what - our lives are far from predictable, we've just gotten used to the ebb and flow of it.

So - I thought - why don't I write a blog just so I have a record over the summer of what I (or we) really do (and think). Sort of an information experiment.

I don't have any clue as to how this will evolve - or what strange and bizarre subjects will appear. Or, for that matter, who, besides me, will read this. But no worries - a summer lark that could lead to interesting things.

Just a bit about me, if one so desires to know...

I am an educator/actor/director/production coordinator. Or maybe I just have a short attention span. I am married to an educator/director/actor who has had my attention for over 17 years now. Because of events in my life or the lives of my friends I am an advocate for organ donation, spinal cord injury research, American Heart Association Stroke Connection and The Human Rights Campaign. I am quite the sucker for a good romantic comedy and love anything Julie Andrews and/or Disney (so sue me!). My general daily consensus is that Life is good!

So, "its just time" to write some blogs.


jimmy the LD said...

you write that blog, girl!

Anonymous said...

I read it!