Thursday, July 2, 2009

A validation of frugality...

Just saw this on one of my favorite blogs.

“Do you ever see a room and wonder how much it cost to furnish it? Are you amazed at how others are able to find great junk at yard sales and then actually work it into the design of their space? Do you wonder what items people are willing to pay more for and why? Do you want to show off your great finds? Me too!

How fun would it be if we all linked up and Priced our Spaces together? You can show an entire room, a wall or whatever and go into however much depth you feel like revealing. Don't feel like you have to tell the world how much you spent on everything. It's really about encouraging others that good deals are out there and, that there are some things that are worth paying full price for.” Entire post is here.

I’m so doing this. I'm used to shopping frugally. I’ve never added up what a room has cost us. I just always have had comparison prices in my head and know that most everything I’ve bought has been, shall we say, very competitively priced. Think I’ll do the formals for the Party.

We acquired major pieces for these rooms at Rooms to Go outlet and our favorite auction house, Alan Jones. GREAT deals and at least the last time we were at the auction, great chocolate cake and frito chili pie. These are my favorite places for furniture. Many of our friends have furnished rooms and even businesses from Alan Jones. Great people watching at the auction, too.

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