Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 Top Ten List

Howdy, y’all and a happy holiday season to all! I've stepped aside from publishing the late, great Mason-Maher Times and assigned Dr. D the task, so here it is...

(not necessarily in any particular order)

10. Dr. D. goes international - LMDA

Even though he has been the Dramaturg at UT Arlington for many years, Dr. D joined the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, an international organization devoted to excellence in the area of Theatre dramaturgy. He is now the official "International Man of Mystery."

9. Buckleys part deux

The Mason-Mahers were asked to return as judges for Fort Worth Casa Manana's Betty Lynn Buckley Awards honoring excellence in musical theatre performance in the North Texas area. We are continually amazed at the shows we see - and mostly in a good way!

8. IPhones & Ipods away!

Mel joined the IPhone revolution with her latest communication gadget, and Dennis followed with his Ipod Touch. Mel is warming to her new toy (but Clarissa had to come home from OU to show her how to work it), while Dennis is seriously considering joining the Luddites.

7. Theatre Babies

On the high school front, Patrick was accepted to Emerson and Ashley has her sites set on UT. Amanda, Jill, O.T., Chase, Genisis, and Roger (who is currently working on a cruise ship) graduated from UTA. Grad school babies - Clarissa is at OU and David and Drew are about to graduate in the spring with MFA's from UW Madsion and Western Illinois respectively. Celi got certified and Anthony is working with 4 Day Weekend. Laura signed with an agent and Kayla just finished an internship with Cirque in Vegas. Eric is engaged and David and Tonya are married...and somewhere along the way we adopted an Hungarian ;). Forgive us if we missed you - comment and help our addled brains!

6. Dennis IS an Encyclopedia

Dennis was commissioned by the Brown Reference Group of London, UK, to write articles for an encyclopedia, The World and Its Peoples, scheduled to be released to secondary schools and colleges internationally. The Doctor wrote articles about The American Film Industry, Colonial Theatre and Music, Native American Theatre and Music, African-American Theatre and Music, and Nineteenth Century American Theatre and Music. Whew!

5. Violet Hour stops time

Dennis directed Richard Greenberg’s comedy-drama The Violet Hour in November, for a change getting to work with a small cast instead of the dramatic cavalry charges he’s been working on in recent years. It was not only a lovely show, but a lovely experience.

4. Little Elementary DI Team goes the distanc

Mel’s fourth graders won at the Regional Competition, also earning a coveted DaVinci Award for Creativity, and advanced to the Texas State Competition for the second year in a row! Bravo, kids!

3. Minister Dennis Marries Deana & Marc

Mel’s sisra Deana is now Deana Mason Tardif—she and new husband Marc were wed at the Trois Estate outside Fredericksburg, TX—by Ordained Clergy Person Dennis Maher, who got himself ordained especially for the occasion—Dr. Maher is available for your ceremonial needs (email him at
The wedding was an amazing event, complete with
Guy Forsyth as the entertainment for the rehearsal dinner. We are so proud to have Marc (and his family) be part of ours, especially since Mel and Deana also got a great new sister-in-law in the bargain!!

2. Disneyworld en masse/17th Anniversary

The Mason-Mahers celebrated their anniversary at Disney World for the fifth time—and this time they brought a small army with them. Sixteen alumni and alumnae and friends invaded the parks and were touched with Disney magic—Mel and Dennis liked staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge so much they’re going back—at the concierge level (would you like some Lesser Kudu with your Kenyan coffee,!

1b. Ms. Mel is M.S. Mel!

On December 12th Melanie walked across the stage at the University of North Texas Coliseum in Denton and received her Master of Science in Information Science. With a 4.0 - Phi Kappa Phi. Almost all the coursework was done online! Many, many thanks to everyone who supported both of us during the long haul.

1a. Mel and Dennis go biker

Even though Dennis’ middle age craziness has long since passed, he and Mel got full body tattoos and bought a Harley Davidso. . .oh, get real—they dressed up as bikers for Halloween (Dennis taught classes and directed in full gear).

Here’s wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a joyous and prosperous 2009!

Much Love,

Dennis & Melanie


DivineMediocrity said...

Hehehe, these are lovely, my dear :-D And in all frankness, the iPhone thing just makes me giggle! And yet it doesn't quell my desire to obtain one at all... not at all!!!

Mel said...

I'm still not a big fan. It's a cell phone and access to internet and email. Not into the toys at all - must be the waning eye site of a middle aged woman. ;) Who knows, maybe I'll be a convert once I've had it a year or two!

Alyssa and Kevin said...
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Alyssa and Kevin said...

I have so missed your blogs.. But you have been BIZZY! :)I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a Smashing New Year!

Oh.. and the Iphone totally has blogging capabilities... but be careful. Those suckers are addicting. :)

and YAY on your degree.. you now officially know EVERYTHING!